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Sodium alginate

Product Introduction

Sodium alginate is a kind of polysaccharide extracted from kelp-like Phaeophyceae; formed by α-L-Mannuronic acid (M section) and β-D-Guluronic acid (G section) connected through 1, 4-glucosidic bond. It’s shown white or light yellow powder, odorless and tasteless. . 

Molecular formula: (C6H7O6Na)n

Product Features

1)Thickening: Sodium alginate could be easily dissolved in water and form the solution with high viscosity. It is widely be used as a thickening agent in food ,daily chemical and other industries.

2)Gelling: when the sodium alginate meet with calcium ion exchange action takes place rapidly to form gel, and the gel is anti-reversibility. the high G alginate gel is crispness but much rigider, while the high M alginate gel has the opposite property, flexibler with the less rigidity. different strengths of gel made by different proportions. with different gel, alginate can be used for difference of imitated food, medical materials, face masks, water treatment agents, clingfilm etc.


Industrial: printing and dyeing ; welding materials; water treatment and  fertilizer.Food: meat products, bakery; jams; dairy products; beverages; bionic foods, etc.Cosmetic: facial mask; eye mask; cream etcMedical: dental impression materials; sustained and controlled release drugs; oral suspensions; medical dressings etc.

Product specifications

Industrial grade40mesh/60According to the needSC/T3401-2006Dying,Welding,Water treatment
Food gradeGranular/40/80/120/170/20010-40000GB1886.243-2016Meat product,Bionic food,Bakery,milk products,beverage
Pharmaceutical grade8010%  300-700CP2015/EP9.0/USP40/BPCoating,Oral suspension
10-1500Medical dressing,

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