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Instant Agar

Product Introduction

Agar is a kind of polysaccharide extracted from natural seaweed. Instant agar is technologically improved based on conventional agar and named SA10. Compared to the conventional agar, SA10 has excellent gel performance and suspension characteristics especially at low temperature, so it can be widely used in many kinds of foodstuff.

Product Features

It can be totally soluble at 55-65℃ with 5-7min.


Yogurt: dissolve quickly at low temperature, which matches with the process of dairy product, reducing the damage to nutrients by high temperatures.Jam: better ability to combine moisture and effective in reducing water activity.Custard cream: keep the oil in the gel structure, so it is more heat stable.Glazing: better transparency and brightness and strong moisture retention.

Product specifications

Product/ItemAgar-agarInstant agar
Dissolution temperature≥90℃≥55℃
Dissolution time≥10min5-7min
Speed of gellingslowquick

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