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Potassium alginate

Product Introduction

Potassium alginate, a polysaccharide extracted from kelp-like Phaeophyceae; formed by α-L-Mannuronic acid (M section) and β-D-Guluronic acid (G section) connected through 1, 4-glucosidic bond. It’s amorphous powder with white to light yellow color, odorless and tasteless, easily soluble in water forming a viscous solution. 

Molecular formula:(C6H7O6 K)n 

Product Features

Thickening: Potassium alginate could be easily dissolved in water and form the solution with high viscosity. It is widely be used as a thickening agent in food ,daily chemical and other industries.


Industrial: Industrial printing and welding.Food: meat products, beverages.Cosmetic: facial maskMedical: dental impression materials

Product specifications

Industrial grade80/120

Dying; Welding; Water treatment
Food grade8010-800GB29988-2013Meat product;Food and beverages
Pharmaceutical grade200300-700GB29988-2013Dental alginate impression

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