Current position:
Leaders of Jimo District Industry and Information Technology Bureau visited the company

On April 1, the director of Jimo District Industry and Information Technology Bureau Xu Yongquan and his entourage visited our company, and the company's general manager Chen Hong and office director Wu Miaomiao were in charge of the reception.

General Manager Chen accompanied Director Xu to visit the company’s exhibition hall, R&D center and production workshop, and introduced the company’s corporate culture, development goals, market positioning, etc., as well as the company’s resumption of work and production, the difficulties faced and the current company’s actions The key report on the countermeasures and so on.

After understanding the company's situation, Director Xu affirmed that we are determined to take the road of technological innovation and development. At the same time, he encourages companies to fight the epidemic with all their strength, promptly report problems, maintain communication with the government, and work together to maintain the stable development of the company.

We believe that with the support of the government, Haizhilin will definitely give full play to its technological advantages, overcome difficulties and develop steadily.