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2019 Qingdao Haizhilin employee personal summary meeting and departmental work summary meeting

On January 13th and 17th, 2020, Haizhilin Bio will hold the 2019 employee personal work summary meeting, department and company work summary meeting in the training room on the fourth floor, to review and analyze the work and study in the past year, and find out Experiences and lessons, raise awareness to guide better work in the future.

 On January 13, the personal work summary meeting was held. There were more than 40 persons in charge of the company's functional departments, management and employees, and the company's general manager attended the meeting. The order of summary report is the employees of the sales operation center, R&D center, quality center, financial center, integrated office, and production operation center. The report content of each employee can be roughly divided into four parts: work combing in 2019, summary of work completion, insufficient reflection, and work goals for 2020.

 On January 17, the department and company work summary meeting was held. The company's functional department heads, management and employees totaled more than 40 people attended the meeting, and the company's general manager attended the meeting. The reporting departments are the sales operation center, R&D center, quality center, intellectual property, production operation center, financial center, integrated office, purchasing department, and equipment department in order. The heads of each department summarized the work of the whole year of 2019 in a succinct manner around the responsibilities of the department and the work objectives determined at the beginning of the year, deeply reflected on the shortcomings in the work, conducted an in-depth analysis of the reasons for the unfinished work, and proposed 2020 Department’s work objectives and expectations of internal staff.

 Finally, General Manager Chen commented on the work summary and report of the heads of various departments and departments, summarized the company's work in 2019 and pointed out the company's development goals in 2020. Mr. Chen first summarized and commented on the non-performance work content of each department in 2019 and the completion of the work objectives at the beginning of the year; then the main work of the company in 2019, including department management, company evaluation and reward policies, and the implementation of innovative products; and Deeply commented on the department's work, affirmed the excellent aspects of the department, pointed out the shortcomings, and guided the improvement of the department's work in 2020. Finally, we have made precise control and deep expectations for the company's 2020 work goals. Each department should seize the opportunities and deal with the challenges in the face of opportunities and challenges, so that the sea forest will rise steadily and create greater glories.

 Looking back on the past, we are open-minded. Through technological innovation, Haizhilin has taken a healthy path suitable for enterprise development. Haizhilin must become a strong player in international competition and a leader in the field of hydrocolloids. Blindly expand without low-level competition. In order to realize that Chinese companies have the right to speak in international competition, our Haizhilin employees must work harder.

 We must be more adept at learning, summarizing, and improving, and constantly improve the overall quality of all employees, especially key employees, establish a common corporate development philosophy, and form a high-quality workforce.