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Alginic Acid
Update time:2020-09-08
Alginic Acid

Product Introduction

Alginic acid, a polysaccharide extracted from kelp-like Phaeophyceae, formed by α-L-Mannuronic acid (M section) and β-D-Guluronic acid (G section) connected through 1, 4-glucosidic bond. The acid is instability state and can react with positive metal ion to form alginate series production. 

Molecular formula: (C6H8O6) n

Product Features

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White or light yellow powder, insoluble in water, odorless and almost tasteless


Medicine industry: used as the main material of the Gaviscon tablets, tablets disintegration agent and hypotensor element; Food industry: Act as the food addictive and for health care food.

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