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Ammonium alginate

Product Introduction

Ammonium alginate is a monovalent metal salt of alginic acid. The product is white to light yellow fibrous powder or coarse powder, almost odorless and tasteless, and slowly dissolves in water to form a viscous colloidal solution. It is insoluble in ethanol solutions and hydrogenated alcohol solutions with an ethanol content higher than 30% (wt). It is insoluble in chloroform, ether and acid solution with PH value lower than 3.

Molecular formula: (C6H7O6NH4) n

Product Features

1)Hydrophilic: it could be easily dissolved in water to form a viscous solution.

2)Emulsification: it can make two phases (such as oil and water) that are incompatible with each other miscible with each other, and form a uniform dispersion or emulsifier


20200909140225393.jpgIndustrial: packaging materials, other synthetic packaging materials20200909140037693.jpgFood: canned food, processed cheese, cold drinks, etc.

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